Why is BYC doing to keep our students safe in regards to Covid-19?


What we have done/are doing to keep you safe:

1- We have replaced our carpet with a wonderful new mat floor, specifically designed for yoga. We steam cleaning this floor at the end of every day and mopping it after every class. 

2 – We have installed 2 state of the art UV Air Disinfection Devices! These are used in the food industry and medical environments, to disinfect air and destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and moulds. The GRU-V® UV Air Disinfection Device destroys more than 99.99% of Covid-19, Coronavirus, Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, bacteria and airborne viruses. It controls the spread of infection, disinfects and improves air quality, providing air sterilisation and purification… OH YES!

3 – We are steam cleaning our mats after every use. Mats will now cost £1.50 to hire or can be incorporated into Unlimited memberships for a fee – ask at reception or email us at studio@bychotyoga.co.uk.

4 – We are being deep cleaned at the end of every day. 

5 – Our staff will be regularly cleaning doors handles/the toilet facilities.

6 – We have  reduced class size to only 24 customers assuring a 2m distance.

7 – Shower facilities will not be in use and there can only be 4 people in the changing rooms at one time. 

8 – there is a one way system in and out of the studio room.

9 – The breathing at the beginning and end of the class has been changed to be through the nose only – this will be explained each class.


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