KatieHot Bikram Yoga Teacher

    I was introduced to Bikram Yoga by my brother, shortly after the birth of my first child in 2005, and it was definitely not love at first try! Before, during and after my first class I was completely convinced that my brother (and everyone else in the hot room that day) was completely bonkers! Who on earth would do this more than once? Yet, after the best night’s sleep I had had in a very long time, I did go back a second, third and…well I think you know where this is going. It was love at second try. I knew right there, standing in a great big puddle of sweat, surrounded by people of all shapes, sizes and abilities that this was something extraordinary. I had actually found something that would completely change my life. After practising at my local studio, Richmond Yoga, for a number of years I was given an incredible opportunity by my teacher, Johnny Ward, to travel to San Diego to attend Teacher Training in 2010.

    Once back in London I began my teaching journey at the Richmond Yoga studio, under the mentorship of Johnny and I have taught and practised in a number of Bikram studios since then.

    With a degree in Sport Sciences, my interest in the human body and how it functions has grown with my understanding and practise of this amazing yoga and I continue to get a real buzz from sharing what I have learned in every class that I teach.

    This yoga changed my body, my mind and my life and it will do the same for you, if you let it.

    What’s your favourite/ least favourite Bikram Yoga posture?

    • My favourite posture changes all the time. But I would say that the most consistent posture to make me smile inside out is Standing Bow.
    • I don’t really have a ‘least favourite’ posture in the sequence. Some postures are more challenging for me than others, mostly the balancing postures, such as 2nd part awkward, as I have tiny trotters for feet, so balancing up high on my tiptoes is…interesting. J


    How did you discover Bikram Yoga?

    – An overbearing but definitely loving big brother…See above.


    Describe yourself in 3 words?

    • Scottish
    • Funny
    • Loyal


    If you could have a Super Power – What would you choose?

    – Tough question, there are so many superpowers I’d love to have…but I think I’d have to go for Mary Poppins’ ability to get the kids to clear up after themselves with the click of a finger. Not very interesting or very yogi like, but I think most parents reading this will understand where I’m coming from. Kids be messy!


    Best Bikram moment to date – personal or professional?

    • Oh, too many to pick just one. Here’s my top 3…
    1. When students tell me about little breakthroughs they have experienced in my class.
    2. When I come to class feeling awful and yet every posture feels effortless and my mind is completely calm.
    3. When a student who has had chronic pain for years, comes to class and tells me that their pain has all but gone…those ones are the best!

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