KatrinaHot Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teacher


    As a Child what did you want to be when you grew up?

    Always an actor. Never anything else. It surprises me even now that I’m also a bikram teacher, but the two jobs have their similarities. Actors transform time and space and, once they’ve told their story, leave you richer with perhaps a new perspective and a greater understanding of something, someone or yourself. Practising yoga is also about evolving as a person, having new insight into yourself, freeing yourself from old ideas.

    How did you come to Bikram Yoga?

    Friends. Always the best way to discover anything. Fed had gone home to visit his folks and I was at a loose end. So I walked up the stairs and asked to do just one class. The lady behind reception asked if I wanted to do the intro offer and I said I wasn’t sure I had time and she said that it was funny that once you discovered bikram yoga you sort of made the time. I wasn’t convinced – till 90 minutes later!


    Favourite Food? 

    At the moment Iren’s rawbonbons! 


    Super Power – What would you choose?

    Enlightenment. Presence. Surely there is little else more powerful than these things. 


    Your Perfect Day?

    Making films with Fed. He always writes interesting people for me to play and it’s always loads of fun.


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