LizzieHot Bikram Yoga Teacher

    2008… After going through some post traumatic stress and some serious family woes, Bikram Yoga found me. The best thing that ever walked into my life and the strongest most powerful amazing relationship I’ve ever had. After practicing for a few years I got mentored by the fantastic Federico Zanni and Katrina Cooke who shipped me off to Teacher Training 2013. Awesome. The most incredible, toughest, emotional, intense few months of my life but I came out like a breath of fresh air having found where I belong in life. Since then I have been teaching all over the UK and spent a year in the USA teaching in LA, NYC and Miami. I am currently back in London and looking to develop my knowledge of yoga on further courses. Bikram has given me the strong foundation for life that I was always searching for. Also with knee and back injuries Bikram also became my healer.

    There is nothing I have more passion for than sharing this incredible practice. Finding new students and seeing how they grow and change their lives because of it. I eventually want to take this and my further yogic knowledge around the world hosting retreats and spreading my gift to as many people I can.

    I hope you too find the incredible gift of Bikram and take with you this practice for the rest of your life. It rocks my world!!!


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