PollyHot Vinyasa Flow Teacher
    As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
    As a child I dreamed of being a gymnast, then a philosopher and as I got older a psychologist. So mix them altogether and you (kind of) get yoga.
    How did you come to find Yoga?
    I grew up in London and spent most of my youth doing cartwheels and pirouettes in our local park. Every evening after school was filled with sports clubs and dance classes. At university I suffered a very bad knee injury, which prevented me from manically buzzing round doing different team sports and classes (mainly because I was on and off crutches for so long). I found a local yoga studio in Bristol and the appeal of yoga was initially that it was inline with my values of being healthy and staying fit. And then it turned into so much more! I loved the connections I made with fellow yogis, the breathing space it gave me before acting on my impulses and the increased sense of clam and control. Basically yoga made me a happier and better person! I continued to practice yoga whilst completing a doctorate in clinical psychology in London. A large part of my decision to teach yoga was also quite simply from a place of wanting to do more yoga, practise it, teach it, talk about. Now I work part time paediatric psychologist and part time yoga instructor.
    Favourite Food?
    PORRDIGE! Cinnamon porridge, porridge with coconut and chocolate porridge, with dried fruit and nuts, hot porridge, cold porridge, porridge with milk, porridge with water, porridge…..
    Best Teaching moment? 
    Best Teaching moment? When I let go of my anxiety and self-pressure (“am I good enough?”, “do they like me?”, “will anyone turn up to the class?”, “I am a fraud?” etc etc) and just taught from a place where I felt happy and accepting of myself. I still experience the worried thoughts, but I have learnt to accept them a lot more and commit to teaching in a way that feels genuine to me. It was the moment that I was teaching from my heart.
    Most embarrassing moment while Teaching?
    Oh there are so many but one that stands out is when I was teaching in a cold room and kept my jogging bottoms on over my leggings. About half way into the class I was  feeling very warm so decided to just quickly slip off my joggers and throw them to the side of the studio. What I didn’t realise was that somehow an old pair of knickers had snuck themselves in the trouser leg and they flung out into the centre of the class. Joy.
    Whats your guiltiest pleasure?
    Celebs go dating.

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