SharkaHot Bikram Yoga & Yin Yoga Teacher


    I’m originally from Czech Republic living in London for a long time but still love to keep my accent.  A friend took me to my first Bikram class in 2005 and definitely it wasn’t love at first sight. In 2011 I have returned to the hot room and soon became addicted, doing 30, 60 and over 100-days challenge, as well as taking up the challenge of doing six classes in one day across six different studios.

    Bikram yoga has helped me to become calmer, more focused and stronger. In September 2014 I finally made it to Bikram Training in Thailand.

    I love teaching new students and firmly believe Bikram is for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. It changes and shapes you in ways you won’t believe. I also enjoy the sense of unity that comes from practicing with others and the shared joy of breaking through physical and mental challenge.

    It continuously challenges you every time you come back to your mat ” you start again from the scratch” and make yourself new again; physically and mentally.

    ” It’s never too late, you just have to try”

    After discover Yin Yoga in July 2016 due to illness I have decided to do Yin Training in December 2016 in Bali. What an incredible experience. Yin Yoga creates a space to surrender and is all about practicing control over reaction. In Yin Yoga we are in present moment and we touch what is happening in our body, heart and mind. Bringing Yin practice into my life helped me to slow down and maintain balance and connection within my body.



    As a Child what did you want to be when you grew up?

    Loved watching ice skating on TV since I was 3 years old so I always wanted to be a professional Ice Skater.


    How did you come to find Yoga?

    My friend took me to my first yoga class at 2005 and I absolutely hated it. Now I’m glad she did.

    Favourite Food?


    Best Teaching moment?

    Introducing Yin Yoga

    Most embarrassing moment while Teaching? 

    Still waiting for them to happen

    Whats your guiltiest pleasure?

    Eating chocolate and no sharing



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