Hot Bikram Yoga For Tennis Players


Serena does it.
Andy does it.
You need to do it!
Tennis and Bikram Hot Yoga…

Serena Williams, who t he Women’s Tennis Association has ranked world no. 1 in singles on eight occasions, from 2002 to 2017, is also a devout Bikram Hot Yogi!
” I love Bikram yoga… I recommend everyone try this.”
Serena told Star Magazine in the US.
It is reported that Serena incorporated Bikram hot yoga into her training routine to improve her flexibility and to aid injury recovery, while staving off further injuries. Serena added Bikram Hot Yoga to her training many years ago and never looked back.

Andy Murray is currently ranking number 1 in the world… And what does the worlds number 1 and you have in common… Yes, you are both Bikram Hot Yogis!

Since starting Bikram Hot Yoga in 2007 Andy is reported to have said: “It’s helped a lot with my fitness and mental strength.”

Speaking about Murray in the  Telegraph OLIVER BROWN: “This year (2016)… courtesy of relentless training under fitness guru Matt Little, and his annual Bikram yoga boot-camp in Miami, he has come to rival even Djokovic  for endurance.”

”Tennis players can suffer repetitive strain injuries to the wrist, elbows and knees. On top of that, they tend to have imbalanced bodies with a dominant (and much more developed) left side or right side. That’s where Bikram yoga helps by stretching and strengthening the muscles, and thus reducing the chance of injuries. But that’s not all, Bikram yoga also helps control the breath, improve focus and calm the mind.’


Bikram Hot Yoga isn’t just great at warding off injury, it can also be a vaulable tool in the healing process.  When BYCer & avid climber Garry developed Tennis Elbow he turned to his yoga….

“Around 4 years into climbing, my elbows started to give up on me and I developed climbers/ tennis elbow. For those of you who have never suffered with this, all I can say is, it hurts! It makes even small day-to-day chores very painful.
I spoke to the teachers at BYC and they recommended that Locust Pose might help. So, for 2 minutes everyday, I lay on my elbows in Locust. To begin with, I took the posture back to basics, putting my arms underneath my body and just laying on them. Once the healing had started, I began to bring my legs up again. Within 6 weeks, my elbows had started to recover and, within the year, were fully recovered. At the first sign of pain, I now know what to do: Locust all the way!”
LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) osteopath Sophie Scott told the  BBC:
“Bikram yoga has been extremely beneficial to our players. It provides a warm environment to engage in a routine of exercises that help flexibility, mobility, control and coordination – all key elements for a tennis player.”
Thinking of taking up tennis this summer, stay one step ahead of your competitors and, like the worlds top players, add BYC Hot Yoga into your life!
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