BYC Etiquette

Welcome to BYC hot yoga, West London’s number 1 hot yoga studio. We have been in the heart of Chiswick since 2002 and like to think of our studio as a home away from home, Yoga Oasis, where you can come to destress, unwind and sweat away the day.
This is a list of do’s and don’ts we’ve assembled over the years from Student feedback, to create a Yoga Oasis: for the benefit of all students.

Yoga Feet

Please take off your shoes before coming upstairs & place them on the shelves provided or in the cubbies in the changing room. Property is left as owners own risk.

Please make sure they are not in the way of the fire-exit (front door) or placed in anyway that could be hazardous to other students.

You may wear indoor sandals in the changing room/reception area.

Please do not take or wear ANY footwear into the Yoga room.

Socks can be worn if you have feet conditions.

Please be mindful of your feet hygiene and do not come to the studio if you have anything contagious unless it is appropriately dressed.

Health changes & Injuries

Please keep us regularly informed of any health changes or injuries.

Before Class

Have you read our informative Beginners Guide?

We recommend and encourage you to lie or sit quietly prior to class. This enables a peaceful and focused environment for all practitioners. We do ask for complete silence in class 15 minutes before and after.

During Class

During class, if you need to leave the studio, please ensure you do not walk in front of people whilst they are in posture.
Please wait until the posture is finished.
The same applies for when you come back in.

Please do not adjust blinds, touch the windows or turn the fan on or off in the studio.

Please refrain from putting anything or sitting on the blue heaters.

The Teacher will arrange the room/temperature for the benefit of all.

Please refrain from talking during class. If you need to speak to the Teacher, please raise your hand and they will respond accordingly.

For your own safety, do not chew gum.

Please refrain from wearing noisy jewellery.

Please follow the instructions given by Teachers for all postures faithfully.
If a Teacher gives you ongoing modifications please let the other Teachers know before class.

After Class

The class is not over until after final Savasana.

After class, please leave the room quietly and close the door behind you.

Remember: our Teachers are in Reception for 15minutes after class if you have any questions.


If you need to use tissues during class, please keep them on your towel and ensure you dispose of them properly afterwards.

We recommend that if you are feeling unwell, you do not come to class and sweat it out.

Remember: Rest is Best.

Fellow Yogis’

Please always be respectful of your fellow students and their belongings in the studio.
If you encounter any problems please come and speak to the Manager.

Be mindful of your fellow yogis and refrain from putting your mat directly in front of anyone. Everyone should be able to see themselves in the mirrors.

Desk staff

Desk staff are entitled to be treated with respect and politeness, we reserve the right to take necessary action if we deem somebodys behaviour to be anti-social, rude or disrespectful.
If you have any queries or concerns, please ask to speak to a manager.

BYC hot yoga Latecomers Policy:

All students are required to be in the room for the start of class. This is for their own safety and to cause least disruption to the class.


The Studio door will be opened 30 minutes prior to class starting, 15minutes before the 06:30am and  8:15am. We close promptly 30 minutes after class has finished.

Mobile phones & all electronic devices.

Please turn off all personal electrical devices on entering BYC hot yoga.

No talking, texting, checking your emails, your voicemail or the internet anywhere in the studio. We are a mobile free zone, enjoy!

Please do not allow watch alarms to go off during class and make sure you have turned off your phone alarm prior to entering the room.


We are unable to provide parking at the studio. Meter parking is available on the streets around the studio. As we are close to the end of a ‘no-through’ road, please be extra careful that you are not blocking in local residents. We are within walking distance of three stations and many buses stop outside the studio.

Our local Sainsbury’s store in Chiswick kindly allow our members to park for 3 hours (instead of the usual two), so they have time to practise and do their shopping.

For the time being, to claim this extra hour of parking, you need to adhere to the following steps:

Park in Sainsburys.

Practise your class.

Shop in Sainsbury’s (MINIMUM £10 SPEND).

Take your shopping receipt AND your BYC Sainsbury’s Orange Parking Voucher, available at BYC reception, to customer services for parking validation.

You will need to hand in this Orange voucher to the Sainsbury Customer Service desk as proof you have just practised.

If Sainsbury’s barriers are broken, please continue to adhere to the steps as lined out with the addition of putting a BYC purple timetable card, logo out, visible on the dashboard of your car.

Leave Sainsbury’s carpark WITHIN the 3 hour time limit.

If you stay over 3 hours a £60 fine will be payable.

In order to keep this collaboration into the future, please always treat the staff at Sainsbury’s kindly and only take advantage of this generous offer on days when you visit BYC.

This offer is only available during Sainsbury’s customer services opening hours. Please check opening times with Sainsbury’s.

Many thanks.


We ask all practitioners to dress appropriately for class.
For further advice ask at reception.


We provide small lockers for your valuables, these take a returnable £1 (old). Valuables and possessions are left at the owners’ risk.

Drinking Water

We are unable to provide a free drinking water tap so we ensure the cost of our bottled water is kept as low as possible.



It is BYC’s primary intention to always create the safest possible environment for practising at our studio.
It is very important that you read these guidelines before coming to class.
Note that class capacity has been reduced to 42 PLACES (previous total of 66) so we can keep 1meter distance between mats.
To practise at the studio you MUST:
-Please prebook into Class. Due to limited class sizes we can not guarantee a space if you have not pre-booked.
– Do not come to practise at BYC hot yoga if you have
a)been diagnosed with Covid in the last 14 days
b)have been advised to self isolate or quarantine in the last 14 days
c) have any covid symptoms:
Fever (a temperature of 37.8 degrees centigrade or above).
A new persistent dry cough.
Muscle pains.
Shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.
Severe pneumonia.
Loss of taste and/or smell.
Extreme fatigue.
Runny nose.
Sore throat
d)have been in close contact (within 2 metres) of anyone suffering with any of the Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days.
-Buy booking into class at BYC hot yoga I agree:
1)I will wear a mask in all areas of the studio that it is applicable
2) I will sanitise my hands on entering the building
3) I will keep a mindful distance from my fellow yogis at all times while in BYC hot yoga.
-Please arrive on time for class no latecomers will be permitted
– In-Studio Cancelation – due to the limited number of spaces, there is a strict cancellation policy for all BYC classes.
If you cancel anytime prior to 12 hrs before the start of class no fee will be charged. If you cancel anytime 12 hrs before the start of class you will loose this class or if you are on an unlimited membership you will be charged a £10 cancellation fee.

It is BYC’s primary intention to always create the safest possible environment for practising at our studio. Our class policy and procedures are in line with UK Active and the recent government guidelines.

It is very important that you read these guidelines before coming to class.

Arriving at the studio:

1 – please keep an appropriate distance when entering the studio

2 – sanitise your hands on entering the building.

3 – remove your shoes and leave them in the cubbies provided. Please note that all belongings are left at owners own risk,

4 – come up stairs to sign in at reception.

5 – If you are new to us you will have a short registration form to complete.

6 – The changing rooms and showers are open as usual however we do ask you are mindful of your fellow yogis, keeping an appropriate distance and wearing a mask if you choose.

7 – BYC now hire mats for £1.50/each. All BYC mats will be steam cleaned after each use. If you do use a BYC mat please hang it on the mat cage after class ready to be steamed.

8 – 42 spaces are marked in the room for practising. Please align the front of your mat with the white marks provided.

9 – Please stay on your mat for the duration of class. To insure an appropriate distancing we ask you to practise on your mat and never on the floor.

10 – If you are taking tissues with you into the room, you need to take a bag to dispose of them in with you as well.

11 – Please clean up you area, including you sweat before leaving the room.

12 – There will be no props allowed until further notice.

13 – All property ie towels and yoga kit/clothing left behind will be disposed of.

Thank you for your understanding. We are doing our best, so please work with us as we find the best way for all during this new Covid era.

By participating in any of our classes both in studio or online please note that you agree that you will accept all responsibility for any injury or health condition you or indeed any one else that may be participating with you may sustain. In addition to the above, you agree and accept our T’s & C’s.

What we have done/are doing to keep you safe:

1- NEW FLOOR – we have a fabulous new floor – come check it out!

2 – We have installed 2 state of the art UV Air Disinfection Devices! These are used in the food industry and medical environments, to disinfect air and destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and moulds. The GRU-V® UV Air Disinfection Device destroys more than 99.99% of Covid-19, Coronavirus, Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, bacteria and airborne viruses. It controls the spread of infection, disinfects and improves air quality, providing air sterilisation and purification… OH YES!

3 – We are steam cleaning our mats after every use. Mats will now cost £1.50 to hire or can be incorporated into Unlimited memberships for a fee – ask at reception or email us at

4 – We are being deep cleaned at the end of every day.

5 – Our staff will be regularly cleaning doors handles/the toilet facilities.

6 – We have  reduced class size to 42 customers assuring a 1m distance.

7 – Shower facilities will be in use but only 2 people will be permitted in at one time. Showers will only be available for a very quick rinse, no further ablutions.

8 – The breathing at the beginning and end of the class has been changed to be through the nose only – this will be explained each class.
BYC hot yoga, The Studio, 1st Floor, Essex Place, Chiswick, London, W4 5UT 

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