BYC Online Packages, Prices & Deals.

By signing up to participate in one of our online classes you agree to the following:

In consideration of you taking part in our online classes, your well being is very important to us.  As you will be practicing with out the physical presence of a teacher to observe your postures effectively,  participating in ANY of the classes on our online schedule you will be agreeing to the following …..

Ensure you have cleared a safe space to practice in and have assessed any risk factors for yourself.

Avoid pushing beyond your existing limits. When you’re practising, especially outside the hot room, you may find that it takes longer to warm up and that you could be more prone to injury if you attempt to push too hard. Acccept that your range of movement may be less and do not move in to any pain.

Avoid practising if you’re unwell, or pregnant either now or within the past 6 months.

As much as you may want to join our classes, please avoid attending online sessions if you’re unsure as to your ability to practice safely.

By participating in our live stream classes, please note that you agree that you will accept all responsibility for any injury or health condition you or indeed any one else that may be participating with you may sustain. In addition to the above, you agree and accept our T’s & C’s.

As of  1st May 2020 we are also making it possible for you to use your current BYC class cards online. If you wish to use you current 10 Class Card, Month Unlimited, Yearly Unlimited or Autopay please let us know via email so we can extend their duration for the correct amount of time.

General Price *No Concession Available
Online Drop In £10
Online 10 Class Card Valid 3 Months £90
Please note: These class cards are only usable at online classes. All BYC Class cards are non refundable, non transferable and non freezable.
General Price *no Concession Price
 Online & In-Studio Yearly Unlimited (365 days yoga) – mats not included for in-studio                  £999
Online & In-Studio 12 Month Autopay – mats not included for in-studio £99pm

Please note: These cards are valid both in studio and online. The Autopay is a 12 month membership with a 2 month cancelation policy. The contract is a rolling contract so it will continue after the initial 12 months until you give your notice via email to If you purchase this package please note the 2 month cancelation policy is still applicable when we reopen due to the nature of this class card.
All BYC Class cards are non refundable, non transferable and non freezable.

*Concession prices are available to 60yrs+,  Students, those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Tax Credits, Income Support, Disability Allowance, the Armed Forces, NHS Employees, Police, Fire-Fighters, Equity and Musician Union Members, selected local businesses and 16-17years old. 14–15 year olds are entitled to an £8 Drop In rate but, they must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) to every class.


Proof is required to benefit from the Concession Rates each time you buy classes.

BYC Refund Policy: 

Class Cards:

ALL BYC CLASS CARDS are non refundable, non freezable and non transferable.

We will of course hold class cards for pregnancy and/or medical reasons. For medical/injury class card hold we  require a doctor, physio, chiropractors (or whoever you are seeing in regards to the issue) note, attaining to the issue and that it has been keeping you from your yoga, emailed to us at


All BYC Workshops are non refundable, non freezable & non transferable.

We do not offer refunds on workshops. However, if you need to cancel out of the workshop and do so any time prior to 24hrs before the event, please email the studio at and the fee will be credited to your BYC account. If you late cancel under 24hrs prior to class you will be charged in full.

If you have booked a package and need to cancel one or more of your Workshops, you will be charged full price for the Workshops you attend. The remaining amount will then be credit to your BYC account.

You can either book online or in studio. If you are purchasing a workshop package please do so either in studio or over the phone (0208 995 9955).
BYC hot yoga, The Studio, 1st Floor, Essex Place, Chiswick, London, W4 5UT

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