BYC Self Practise 14th April – 16th May 2021

BYC Opening for Self Practise Starting Wednesday 14th April

We are excited to announce two opening dates for BYC.

The first will be for self practise starting this coming Wednesday 14th April and the second will be Monday 17th May for classes. More information will follow about the May opening, class times etc – they are NOT available to book into yet (even if you see some sneaky in-studio class on the schedule from 18th May, please do not book in yet as there are not confirmed as we promise to let you know as soon as they are, promise promise promise!).

As of this Wednesday 14th April, you will be able to come into BYC to do you own practise in the hot room. There will be no teacher, however there will be the heat, your fellow yogis, our fabulous room with a view and our wonderful reception staff. If these self practise times are popular we will of course add additional times onto the schedule.

(Please see timetable for all self practise class from Wed 14th April to Sunday 16th May 2021. Additional classes will be added depending on demand)

So, how it will work:

  • Pre-book. A self practise space is £12 Drop In or it is included in any Autopay or Yearly unlimited package. HOWEVER Autopay and Yearly Unlimited will be limited to 3 in-studio, self practise bookings a week. No walks ins can be accepted. All spaces must be prebooked. There is a 12hr cancelation policy. If you cancel prior to 12hrs before class, you will be able us this class another time and rebook in. However if you cancel 12hrs or less, before class starts then you will loose this class. If Autopay/Yearly customers do not cancel themselves out of class but do not show up, you will be charged a £10 fee. This is due to such limited spaces being available.
  • Arrive at the studio a few minutes before 10am, check in at reception, where we will take your temperature and ask you to sign a covid waver, to confirm you have not suffered or have been in contact with anyone who has had covid within the last 10 days.
  • set yourself up on one of the socially distanced designated spaces. Brining your own mat is advised, however we do have mats to hire for £1.50. If you hire a mat from us you must put a towel on it which we also hire for £1.50.
  • Please note this is your self practise space to practise any style of yoga you wish to HOWEVER we ask that no headstands or handstands are done in-studio. It is BYC policy that these postures can only be done under the supervision of a teacher.
  • You will be permitted to take a single device i.e. phone/ipad into the room with you to stream a class on. HOWEVER this must ONLY be played via ear buds. If you have the volume on for this device and it goes off or can be heard in class it will be removed. BYC is unable to provide WIFI so you will need to stream on your own connection. You can stream any class, however we will send you a link to the previous days BYC Online Bikram Class, should you wish to practise along to that.
  • The receptionist will alert you when your 90mins starts and finishes. During this time we ask for complete silence in the room.
  • Due to the current guidelines there will be NO shower facilities available and changing rooms will have limited access.
  • We will close 15 mins after the end of the session.


As we have said information will follow about classes. If you have a class card that is currently on hold it will be reactivated from 17th May 2021.

BYC Online – Reviews

“I’m loving my online Bikram yoga with BYC. It’s totally keeping me sane during lockdown.
At the very start of lockdown I tried the prerecorded Bikram classes and they are just not the same. The positivity, focus and personalised attention I get from my BYC instructors cannot be replicated in prerecorded sessions.” – Tania
“The online classes are just as strenuous, fun and amazing as studio classes so I’m  getting the same workout but at home! And I can finally make the early morning classes-yes!! Teachers are just as attentive even when I’m trying to sneak in a break!! Thanks BYC for helping me keep up with my practice and keeping me zen. Namaste” – Rafiya
“Helen manages to give just enough individual encouragement which means you feel you’re part of a whole; which is an amazing trick. It feels like you’re in the room, somehow.” – Joel
“BYC classes are fantastic I cannot stop taking them and doing it from home is a great option Bikram, Bikram with Nidra, Body Conditioning, … intense and deep body work, every class is a new experience” – Romina
“I’m a big fan of BYC on zoom. I was sceptical at first how it would work without the heat, but I’ve fully embraced it and  I look forward to that 90minutes of me time on a Sunday morning.  It feels personal – it’s like Helen is there in the room with me, giving words of encouragement and guidance.   Despite being remote, she still keeps a beady eye on all of us!” – Rachel

“Of course I miss the studio, but with BYC online I’m able to do the same great class with the same great teachers all while at home with the kids.  It’s fantastic!  And I’m hugely grateful. My lower back was aching and I was carrying stress in my shoulders, but since starting a regular BYC online practice I have greater mobility and am starting to feel like myself again. Thanks BYC!” – Erin

“BYC is amazing. Throughout lockdown it has been such a bonus to be able to exercise so flexibly as part of a working day’s routine. All the teachers are brilliant and supportive no matter what the class. Highly recommended.” – Louise


1 – Download ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ from your app store or via for iphone/ipad (or) for desktops
2 – Book into the Online Class you wish to practise, via our website or through the MIndbody app as usual. (note: bookings close 30 mins prior – please ensure your email registered on MBO is up to date). You will need to make sure you have an online account with us.
If you do not, then set your self up here Do not create a new one. If it is you first time accessing your account online, go to ‘First Visit’ enter the relevant information, it will then ask you if this is you, click yes where appropriate and this will connect you to your pre-existing BYC account.
3 – Check your email inbox 15 mins before and click on the link

4 – ‘Zoom’ will open, then you will be sent to the ‘waiting room’. When its time, the instructor will allow the ‘livesteam’ meeting. We will try to open the classes 15 mins early for a little ‘chat’ time.

5 – Click ‘Call using Internet Audio’ to be able to hear the instructor
6 – Please ensure your audio is muted by clicking the appropriate icon.
7 – Enjoy your class!
8 – If you have booked now but are planning of practising later, links are sent between half and hr/ to an hr, after class has finished. Links are valid for 24hrs.


 – A safe area to practice
– A phone, laptop or tablet with working camera so your teacher can see you and you can see/hear your teacher.
– a Yoga mat &/or towel & some water.
 – If you are doing  a Bikram you may want to pop the heating on or an extra layer.
– For Yin/Flow yoga if you do not have any blocks or bricks or bolsters at home you may want to have a book and pillow handy just in case.
– For Body Conditioning classes wear trainers.
– If at anytime during class you feel unwell please unmute yourself (the icon bottom left of your zoom window) and alert the teacher.
 – Enjoy!

Minors Policy:


14-15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years old) each time they practise. We offer an £8 Drop In rate for under 14-15 year olds.

16 and 17 year olds must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years of age) on their first visit. After their first accompanied visit, they are then able to come to class on their own.

In both cases adult (18+) will need to countersign their completed registration form.

Latecomers Policy at BYC hot yoga:

New Students

If it is your first time practising at BYC, you need to be in the yoga room from the very beginning of class. This is to ensure that the teacher knows you are new and if you are working with any illness or injuries, so they can take good care of you.

Regular Students

Hot Yoga: Latecomers, who have practised at BYC, will be permitted into class ONLY before the end of the first breathing exercise, at the discretion of Managers and Reception staff.

All other classes: Students are required to be in the room for the start of the class. This is for their own safety and to cause least disruption to the class.

BYC Refund Policy:

All BYC Class Cards are non refundable, non freezable & non transferable.

We will of course hold class cards for pregnancy and/or medical reasons. For medical/injury class card hold we  require a doctor, physio, chiropractors (or whoever you are seeing in regards to the issue) note, attaining to the issue and that it has been keeping you from your yoga, emailed to us at

BYC hot yoga, The Studio, 1st Floor, Essex Place, Chiswick, London, W4 5UT 

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