DarielleHot Bikram Yoga Teacher

    Darielle discovered Bikram yoga in 2009.  A friend recommended that she take a Bikram yoga class after she fell off a horse and was left with an achy lower back.  After one class she was hooked – she kept coming back learning the yoga from Helen.  The yoga healed her back and transformed her life.  Both physically and emotionally the benefits of Bikram yoga became apparent.  A keen runner and figure skater Darielle was always strong but inflexible – the yoga has helped change her body for the better, as well as bringing a peace and calm to her life.  Over time Darielle has build up a regular practice, making friends and learning from other students and teachers.  Eager to strengthen her own practice and keen to share the benefits of Bikram Yoga with other enthusiastic students Darielle went to teacher training in autumn 2012.  She now fits in teaching alongside her job as a Communications Manager for the NHS.  Her favourite postures are Triangle and Standing Head to Knee, and her goal is to touch her forehead to the floor in Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose – she is very nearly there!



    What is your favourite/least favourite Bikram Yoga posture?

    My favourite is definitely Standing Head to Knee – I love the precision of it and it is the posture that really sums up the series for me.  I can remember desperately wanting to be able to lock my knee and still remember how thrilled I was, when I finally got my forehead on my knee.  My least favourite posture is more difficult – for years Standing Separate Leg Stretching was my nemesis (I honestly believed that my forehead would never ever touch the floor, my excuse was that “my body is just not built that way”), but I actually really like this one now (and my forehead is on the floor!)… I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Standing Bow – but I guess overall Rabbit is my least favourite – I don’t even really know why.  Something to work on, I guess…

    How did you come to Bikram Yoga?

    I fell off a horse and hurt my back.  A friend recommended that I try Bikram Yoga.  My response? “I don’t do yoga; it’s boring”!  However, the idea of the heat intrigued me (I love feeling warm!) and I decided to give it a go. My first class was with Helen and I’ve never looked back. One class a week turned into two, which turned into three and then eventually five – maybe with a double thrown in. I’ve since thanked that friend who made the recommendation!

    What is your favourite food?

    A cheese board, served in the French way with fresh bread (instead of crackers), chutney and fresh figs.  Preferably accompanied by a nice red wine.

    Super Power – what would you choose?

    Teleportation – the ability to get from one place to another in just a matter of seconds would be amazing.  Imagine the efficiency!

    What did you do before you became a Bikram Teacher?

    I still do what I did before I became a teacher!  I started my career working in public relations in small agencies, but then was lured to corporate communications for large organisations. I’ve worked at the BBC, TfL and am now at the NHS.  I look after the image or brand of an organisation and make sure it is communicating effectively with its staff and stakeholders. I’m very lucky that my current employer allows me the flexibility to fit in teaching alongside my office job – but it means I have to be ultra organised, especially as I make sure that I practise regularly as well.


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