JoHot 26+2 Teachers

    Jo first stepped into a Bikram studio in 2013 and that first class immediately turned into a 30 day challenge! She was hooked from the start!

    Fast forward 11 years and Jo has seen how yoga can support so many different challenges. Put simply, Jo just can’t live her best life without it! But, like for so many people, it’s not been a straightforward journey. After overcoming long term illness and then having a baby, Jo appreciates how every person’s body and mind changes over their life time. But your practise and your yoga community will aways be there. Patience and acceptance are at the heart of Jo’s practise and teaching. Jo believes that the yoga mat is a precious space and if you let it, change will happen! It’s amazing that the same yoga creates a unique experience for the student, class after class!

    Outside of teaching yoga, Jo works in theatre, creating arts projects which support vulnerable people’s wellbeing, building communities and creating aspiration.

    I’m so grateful for the amazing privilege to be passionate about all the different work I do! Teaching the yoga I love practising, feels like the next step that I’ve simply got to take! I’ve received so much from this yoga, now it’s my time to give back and help others to find this gift… But I can’t pretend I don’t get yoga fomo in every class I teach, wishing I was practising alongside the students!


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