Peggy RoseHot Bikram Yoga Teacher
    I was introduced to Bikram Yoga by a friend who describe it as “really hard core, with half naked people doing strange postures in a crazily hot room for 90mins” – I had to try it!!! I have practised Bikram Yoga since February 2006 – it fixed my knee after ACL surgery – and until I went to Teacher Training in Sept 2013 I had only ever practised at the lovely Bikram Yoga Chiswick (I’m hooked on the trees).
    Having worked as a management consultant in UK, USA, Europe and Australia for many a year I was looking for a change, and I finally decide that 2013 would be the year I would become a Bikram Yoga teacher. I am now on a 2 year sabbatical from the city job and I am combining teaching yoga with studying to be a Bowen practioner.  I am still travelling though and, since graduating in Nov 2013, I have also taught at Yoga Bikram Montpellier, France and Bikram Yoga Glasgow.

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