Time for Camels counter part and complete this perfect little treat for your spine. We have just done the deepest back bend of the series so, now to do the deepest forward bend.

1 – Kneel, feet and knees together, in the middle/back 3/4’s of your towel.

2 – If your hands/feet are sweaty, flip your towel over your feet and hold your heels, thumbs outside and fingers on the inside facing each other. Grip tightly. This f irm grip is paramount to the posture and should be continuous from the postures’s start to finish, it’s where the postures power comes from!

3 – Tuck your chin to your chest and look at your stomach. Your chin should now stay tucked for the duration of the posture. This is not a posture where we want a flat back, we want to round it. So r ound the shoulders down and forward and suck your belly in! It may help to lean back just a touch, before coming down to create the space to round yourself. Engage your core.

4 – Exhale breathing, pull on your heels, slowly round down until the top of your head is on the floor and your forhead is touching your knees.

5 – Inhale & on your exhale, lift your hips up, as high as possible.

6 – With your core engaged, keep lifting your hips up and forward, while gripping tightly onto your heels, until your arms are straight. Squeeze your heels together and push your feet, calves, knees into the ground. You do not want to feel much weight on your head, if you do try grabbing lower down on your feet.  Also, draw your shoulders away from your ears and make sure the crown of the head is on the floor, never the back of the head.

7 – If a gap has appeared between your forehead and knees, walk your knees into meet your forehead.

8 – Keep breathing in and out through your nose. Keep your eyes open! Keep gripping the heels, keep your core engaged and keep lifting the hips.

9 – Think about stretching and elongating your spine top to bottom, lower back, middle back, upper back all stretching. Focus on each section in your minds eye and feel the beautiful stretch.

10 – Slowly reverse out of the posture, holding onto your heels until you are out. Turn around and relax in savasana and let your spine enjoy!



Provides maximum longitudinal extension of the spine.
Stretches the spine to increase proper nutrition to the nervous system.
Improves the mobility and elasticity of the spine and back muscles.
Stimulates thyroid and parathyroid glands through compression, helps balance and regulate metabolism.
Balances hormones.
Improves flexibility of scapulae and trapezius.
Improves the digestion, glandular problems and helps improve conditions of the sinus, common cold and chronic tonsillitis.
Helps insomnia, depression.

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