BriarHot Bikram Yoga Teacher

    This yoga has changed my life in ways I never expected. Having danced until my early 20s, I thought flexibility was all I needed. How wrong I was! I was totally hit by the yoga truck. It challenged my physical strength, my determination, my breath and my ability to stay calm. However, it is through these challenges that I have become much stronger. You have to work hard to find peace in the hot room but once you have it, it comes more easily to other areas of your life. Your challenge becomes your strength.

    Physically it’s cured my asthma, improved my posture and helped take the stress monkey off my back!
    After a difficult year, going on training was a no brainer. Yoga helped me cope with a stressful time and I wanted to share the benefits with others. I went in Spring 2012 in LA and teaching this yoga is great. Seeing the post class smiles and hearing how it’s changed peoples lives makes it all worthwhile.

    What did you want to be when you grew up?
    I distinctly remember wanting my own tutu and being envious of my sister’s red ballet shoes. I definitely wanted to be a dancer. Ballet subsided to contemporary, but the desire never left! Never got the tutu though. Christmas anyone?


    Whats your favourite/ least favourite Bikram Posture?

    My favourite has always been standing bow. I love the challenge of it, the micro adjustments that create more opening through the shoulders and the spine. I love the buzz I sometimes get after it! It’s been known to make me yelp! And sod it, if there’s no buzz, there’s always tomorrow. Andy asked me in class if I was one of those people who love them all but, alas, no! Standing separate leg head to knee is the nemesis to my unicorn. 


    What’s your favourite Food?

    Chocolate. Isn’t that everyone’s favourite? No? What’s the matter with you?


    Best Bikram moment to date – personal or professional?

    Delivering my half moon dialogue on training in front of Bikram. I’d been full of self doubt and had had a headache and butterflies for two days. But there’s no way out of it, so I psyched myself up to stand in front of 300 or so people and the main man himself. I did it, and he told me I knew I could do it all along. He was spot on. I needed that challenge and am so grateful I got the opportunity to prove it to myself. 


    Your Perfect Day?

    Yoga in the morning, followed by a delicious lunch with friends and live music in the evening. Prince would be top of my list. 


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