CarolinaHot Bikram Yoga Teacher


    What’s your favourite/ least favourite Bikram Yoga posture?

    Favourite: Spine twisting, I think! Why? It is hard to control that feeling when you know you are almost there.

    Least favourite: It has to be “Janushirasana with Paschimotthanasana”or “Head to knee with stretching pose”, even the name of this one is challenging!

    How did you discover Bikram Yoga?

    My two really good friends from Uni never stopped talking about Bikram yoga, to the point that making plans was always determined by when they could squeeze their practice in. I knew for them Bikram yoga would always come first. At that time I had no interest in the yoga at all and, in fact, didn’t like it for that reason. But when they left I decided to give it a try, to see for myself what all that yoga madness was about. The rest is history…..
    I was converted!

    Describe yourself in 3 words?

    Colombian, patient, and last – to put it nicely – I take my time.

    If you could have a Super Power – What would you choose?

    I would love to be able to change time in my favour and be some sort of time traveller to play  around with time…  that way I could make yoga classes last 180 minutes instead of 90 lol only joking. I definitely wouldn’t do that!

    Best Bikram moment to date – personal or professional?

    Best Bikram moment, was when we were in class at TT. Bikram was teaching, we were doing standing head to knee, me and 400+ people. It was a rather hot class, as Bikram likes it to be, suddenly in the middle of the posture he started complementing someone’s pose. I wanted to see who he was talking about but was a bit conscious that, if I looked around, he would probably catch me and tell me off, so I just stayed in the posture minding my own business. After a while he started describing the person, so people could identify her and then, after a while, I realised…… it was me! He stopped the class to show everyone my posture! It’s probably pure luck that I didn’t collapse there and then! After that he called me Miss Bogota and I was quite chuffed. It made me think about how amazing my teachers in Chiswick are from whom I learned everything I know.

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