CarolynHot Bikram Yoga Teacher

    Carolyn had practiced yoga for a number of years, usually in a drafty church hall, then in April 2008, she walked into Bikram Yoga Richmond and, from that day onwards, never looked back. She remembers thinking “I like this”. She loved the heat and immediately felt its benefits. No more lower backache, improved overall strength and it was such a good de-stressor.

    She considered Teaching Training for about 3 years, enviously watching others go. A career change was badly needed and she finally took the plunge and went to Teacher Training in Los Angeles autumn 2012.

    It is quite a change from the world of a set decorator for her but it’s been worth every minute and she is very happy teaching.

    Carolyn is inspired by other students practice and fascinated about how the body works; how it can overcome injuries and not only how yoga can be used as a tool for healing but as a natural preservative.

    She loves the physical and mental challenge of ‘being in the moment’

    Practice, practice, practice. It never gets boring!



    Whats your favourite/ least favourite Bikram posture?

    It does vary, but at the moment, my favourite is 2nd part Utkatasana – Awkward

    (Yes, I know, strange girl).

    Least favourite – Tuladandasana – Balancing stick. That will all change as things continue to shift.


    How did you discover Bikram Yoga?

    I’d been practicing yoga for a few years in crafty church halls and one day I stepped in to a Bikram studio. I do like heat, so that helped. It made absolute sense to practice yoga in that kind of humidity and warmth. I was hooked. That was seven years ago and I still love the series (maybe even more that I did back then).


    What’s your favourite food?

    Curry, especially a good Dahl.


    Super Power – What would you choose?

    Teleportation, it would save so much time.


    Most embarrassing moment while teaching?

    I’m not saying because then I’d be even more embarrassed!


    What’s your perfect day?

    Wake up naturally (no alarm) to a sunny, warm day. Breakfast followed by a walk on the north Norfolk coast with the dog. Down the coast for fresh crab and chips, better skip the Adnams ale, as I’m back to Chiswick to practice the late afternoon class. Then go for curry and home for a movie and, if its cooled down, a fire.

    Might need to use my Superpower that day.

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