CatharinaHot Vinyasa Flow Teacher
    As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

    Lots of things. Vet, doctor, photographer, marine biologist, dancer, fire fighter, artist, own a horse ranch in Australia or run horse treks with Iceland ponies in … yes, Iceland. Can I also say I hate the cold.

    How did you come to find Yoga?
    My friend Diya took me to my first yoga class one hot afternoon after school in Kulala Lumpur, and I was hooked! It was hard and challenging and I wanted more of that post yoga happy feeling.As a teenager my scoliosis caused me (and occasionally still does) severe back pain. Physiotherapy had done miracles for me, and when I started practicing yoga, it had a similar healing effect. While the physical path was certainly what brought me to yoga initially, it helped me become more balanced and happy!Due to lack of studios nearby I mainly self-practiced at home or joined classes in gyms whilst moving around quite a lot for uni, internships, travels and work. When I moved to London, I was finally able to take up a regular studio practice. London has such a plethora of inspiring fellow practitioners and both residential and visiting yoga teachers – what a privilege to be able to learn and practice in such an environment.

    Favourite Food?

    Umm, all of it… I love to eat, so I couldn’t possibly decide even what to list in the top 10! So many flavours that different cuisines have to offer, so many delicious fruit and veggies out there. I also looove cheese. And avocados. And chocolate. And coffee. All best consumed in good company.


    Best Teaching moment? 
    I love sharing yoga and the best moments just keep coming! They have little to do with me as the teacher, and all to do with the yogi themselves:When someone breaks out into a broad smile after a period of fierce concentration.When someone feels a certain connection to a theme/reading/pose.

    When someone overcomes fear or a blockage in a pose and becomes filled with this feeling of confidence, lightness and joy – recognising that what we need is within us, and we need patience and perseverance for whatever we are facing, and that often things work out when we least expect them to.

    When someone finds the mental strength to soften in their practice and let go of their ego, rather than forcefully pushing and puffing through their flow.

    When someone laughs at themselves for trying and falling over.

    Definitely when there’s a steady breath in the room, and a content look on someone’s face when they roll up their mat at the end of practice.


    Most embarrassing moment while Teaching?

    Yet to come, I think! Teaching is just as much a practice of being present as practicing asana itself, but a scattered brain has the potential to present itself a little more visibly (or audibly!) to others when you’re on the teachers mat. I am great at making up new words. Have you heard of your knighs? (Knees and thighs, clearly.) I have also known to draw a blank as to where I was in the current sequence when switching to the second side – thankfully the yogis on the mat usually pay attention and can point me back in the right direction!

    Whats your guiltiest pleasure?
    Thai Sweet Chili crisps. In abundance.

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