MichelaYin & Hot Flow Teacher

    I started my yoga journey with Bikram Yoga six years ago and I was fascinated how this routine was making me fully present in the practice. I then transitioned to Vinyasa Yoga and it quickly became my way of expression and the key to create new possibilities in my life because of the time I was dedicating to myself.

    Yoga helped and helps me healing and taking life from a different perspective especially when life becomes too hectic. When on my mat, I like to connect with my breath and be in the present moment.

    I create a safe but playful space during my classes, providing students with options to adapt the class to any level. I invite students to step out of their physical and mental limits offering energising practice to develop strength as well as relaxation. Ujjayi breath and Drishti point are essential components in my classes because I see them as the keys to unlock the inner self and be in the present moment.

    What I would like to share through yoga is that we always have options in life and we are the creator of our own reality. We are what we think and we can rewire our brain so that we can have full access to our own potential. I am looking forward to teaching and sharing my passion for yoga.

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