DanielHot Flow Teacher

    I first began practicing Yoga sometime around mid-2014. I had found my way into studio mainly to rebalance my body after roughly ten years of intense training and fighting in Thai Boxing which was beginning to take its toll.

    My practice began with the Bikram sequence which was ideal coming from the martial art background I was coming from. It started as once a week but quickly became a five-times a week occurrence. After a few years of solely practicing the Bikram sequence I ventured into other Asana practices finding a resonance with Vinyasa and its more fluid sequencing.

    In March 2020 I completed my initial 200hr training right before the UK was put into lockdown. In a strange way this became a good thing as this allowed me to delve deeper into my own personal asana practice as well as learning and understanding the depths of Yoga that lies beyond the physical postures. An ongoing lesson.

    My way of practicing and leading is aimed towards establishing a deeper connection between mind and body whilst staying faithful and respectful to the tradition of yoga where I can.
    I find that when the mind body link is realised all possibility opens up.


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