MaleniBikram Teacher Teacher

    My Bikram Yoga journey is such a long story, which really deserves a book, but trying to  keep it short and simple… 

    My story with the practice hasn´t been long, but it has been intense. It all started in October 2013 when I took my first 5 classes here in Chiswick, but it wasn´t love at first sight at all at this time. I didn´t find myself committing to the practice, and after moving to another area, it took me a few years to come back.

    Life in London continued, and I remember my favorite scape during my days off was a trip to the spa- steam bath and sauna-for a relaxing and resetting treat. One day, for some reason I found my spa being refurbished and instead found a Bikram Yoga studio around my area, Richmond, and decided to give it another go. This was around 2016, and this time, I saw myself coming back ,even though I still found it challenging, I started witnessing the benefits of this magical sequence: my sleeping patterns started to improve, my eating choices became healthier in an organic way…and I just remember feeling great after class. 

    As my practice was becoming more regular, around March 2017 I decided to become a member of the studio, sadly Richmond studio was closing at this time and that made me come back to Chiswick despite the longer journey. I was really in love with the practice at this point and became so regular that ended up moving to Chiswick and the studio became my second home.  

    I kept on practicing so regularly that I started to experience massive healing and transformation in all aspects of my life. It also gave me the strength to deal with my mother´s terminal illness and today I can´t be grateful enough to everyone involved in this journey. I decided to go to Teacher Training in Spring 2019, in Spain, in order to give it back to the community- it felt more like a calling than a rational decision really… I think it was all meant to be. 

    As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I used to come up with different ideas: an archaeologist, a perfumer, a dancer… but I ended up studying a science degree following most of my family members´ steps. 

    What did you do before you became a Bikram Yoga teacher?

    I studied dentistry in the south of Spain, Seville, and practiced as a dentist there for 5 years until I decided to have a break from my profession and moved to London.

    During my time in London I have worked in luxury retail and fashion styling.

    Just when I thought my break was coming to an end, yoga came to my life… it is making me extend it for a little longer…

     Describe yourself in 3 words:

    A proper Gemini : gentle, mystic, zen// love a party .

    What is your idea of the perfect day?

    A day by the seaside- sailing or sunbathing in meditation in a quiet beach, followed by dinner with my friends and a party with a proper dance!!

    If you could have a super power -what would you choose?

    Healing hands and healing presence, so nobody would feel pain or illness. 

    What is your favourite/least favourite Bikram posture? 

    It keeps changing all the time… but I have always loved Half Moon, Half Tortoise and Spine Twisting postures. On the other hand, the Balancing Series and Triangle used to be my bigger challenge. Nowadays I kind of love them all, doesn´t matter where I am at, acceptance is key!

    Best yoga moment to date-personal or professional?

    1.My first delivery of Half Moon dialogue in front of Bikram at Teacher Training. Even though I felt my legs shaking a bit… loved his reassuring comment and face expression: “ Yees, she did it like a piece of cake- NEEEEXT!!”

    2.The feeling after final class with Bikram at TT, swimming at the hotel´s swimming pool after 9 weeks of a proper challenge!

    3. Experiencing and witnessing how this magical sequence works and all the healing and benefits has brought to my life. My right hip pain (an injury from childhood) started to disappear exactly when Bikram predicted, 6 moths after training. I can now enjoy Triangle pose much more, thank God! My asthma is much more controlled now and my lung capacity has increased as well.

    4.Enjoying teaching and public speaking, especially love when people leave the room with a smile and watching my regular student progress.


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