Is there anyone who cannot do Hot Yoga?


If you are suffering from a medical condition that you feel might prohibit you from taking part in a hot yoga practise, please always check with your doctor. If your doctor has signed you off as ok to participate in strenuous exercise, then you are ok to join the class. However, if they recommend a gentle yoga then our Yin Yoga classes maybe more suitable.

Hot 26+2 Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability above 14 years old (the ability to sweat is essential to prevent overheating). It may be more challenging to some and certain modifications may need to be made. Always check with your doctor if you have a concern and inform the instructor prior to the class.

Hot Yoga is not recommended if any of the following applies:

* If you are fasting.
* If you have a fever or suffering from an infectious disease.
* If you are already doing an intense detoxification
* If you are pregnant and have less than 1 years of regular hot yoga practice.
* If you are receiving dialysis treatment or have any major kidney issues.
* If you have recently suffered from a stroke (6 months).
* If you have a heart condition (unless your doctor has okayed you to participate in strenuous exercise
* If you are recovering from recent surgery.
* If you are on any medication that advises against strenuous exercise.
* If you have recently had a tattoo.




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