What if I am pregnant?



Please let our Teachers and Staff know.

We are happy to hold any class card for the duration of your pregnancy, please email us at studio@bychotyoga.co.uk.

Practising While Pregnant:

During the delicate and critical time of your first trimester we ask you to refrain from practising at BYC.

If you are pregnant and have never practised Bikram/ Hot Vinyasa or Yin Yoga before, we suggest that you find a gentle pregnancy yoga class and come back to regular BYC Yoga classes about eight weeks after the birth of your child.

If you have had a regular BYC Yoga practise of no less than 1 year before becoming pregnant, please talk to a senior teacher after your first trimester, about resuming regular classes. Any less than this and we would again advise you to find a gentler yoga class for the duration of your pregnancy.

When you are pregnant your body temperature is already higher; therefore you would need a cooler part of the room. In addition, compressions or lying on your back are not recommended. Please inform your instructor to enable them to work with you.

Returning Post Pregnancy:

In regards to resuming your BYC Yoga practise or taking up a practise postpartum, we advice waiting approximately eight weeks after the birth of your child (including C-sections).  We ask that you have been signed off by your GP/ health practitioner as ok to resume exercise, prior to your first class after birth.

If your doctor has okayed you to return to exercise postpartum, please ask the reception staff to give you the modification sheet to take into class, if you should need.

If you are breast feeding please make sure you adequately hydrate. It may also be uncomfortable to lie on your front, in this instance you may wish to practise the pregnancy serious for the belly down postures.


We always recommend that you speak to your doctor and any health workers supervising your pregnancy about what type of exercise is right for you and your baby.


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