Did you know that this posture can give you more relaxation in 30 seconds, than you can get from 8 hours sleep! Who doesn’t want 8 hours more sleep…? So lets get this posture right!
1 – After your sit up, turn around and kneel in the middle of your towel, feet flat to the floor, no gaps underneath the ankles.
2 – Bring your arms over the head sideways, with the hands palms together, only crossing the thumbs. As you stretch your arms towards the ceiling, make sure the elbows are locked and the shoulders are relaxed, not hunched by your ears. Remember to keep the arms touching your ears and your chin up.
3 – You are aiming to keep the hips touching the heels throughout the entire posture. This may not happen for you straight away, each body is different, but over time as your body opens up, this will start to become achievable.
4 – Before coming forward, make sure your stomach muscles are engaged, to protect the lower back and help your control in the next stage.
5 – Exhale breathing, come forward. Keep the arms and head together, using your stomach muscles to control your descent. Come forward untill your forehead and little fingers touch the floor. The rest of your arms should be in the air, with the elbows locked. As you stretch your arms forward, make sure you keep the chin away from the chest. For some of you, your heels may have come away from the hips. Slowly over time, you want to try and keep the hips and heels connected.
6 – Once you are in this final expression, keep your eyes open and your breathing normal.
7 – Before coming out of this posture, engage your stomach muscles to protect your back and lock out your arms. Then slowly with the arms and head together, come back up to your starting position. Arms float down by your side, turn around on your back…..you’ve guessed it relax!
Ready for second Set.

half tortoise


A rejuvenation pose, providing maximum relaxation.
Assists in relieving congestion problems and constipation.
Stretches lower part of the lungs, increases lung capacity.
Excellent for respiratory conditions.
Increases circulation to the brain.
Firms the abdomen and thighs.
Increases flexibility of hip joints.
Improves mobility of shoulder girdle and associated muscles (scapula, deltoids, triceps, latissimus dorsi).
Relieves stress and migraines.
Helps with insomnia.
Increases flexibility in hips.

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