LisaBikram & Yin Teacher
    I started practising Bikram Yoga in 2010 at the studio in Parsons Green, London. It’s a small studio and it was very crowded, it was hot as hell and I felt so nauseous the first time but I got hooked on that magical after class feeling.
    I felt so much better physically and mentally from day one of practicing Bikram Yoga. After 6 months of practising I knew I had to become a Bikram Yoga teacher.
    I eventually ended up going to teacher training in LA in 2013. Shortly after training I left London for Edinburgh. I taught there and in Glasgow for two wonderful years and then in 2016 I went off travelling in India and when I got back I started teaching in Europe (remember the good old EU days!) I spent time in Luxembourg, Vienna, Göteborg and Stockholm. In 2021, I came full circle, came back to London and started teaching in the studios where I first started practising in. It’s an absolute delight to be part of the BYC community and team where I took my first class in 2010.
    What I appreciate so much about Bikram Yoga is that it’s been a constant in my life. No matter what city I have lived in, what language the class was taught in, or what I might have been dealing with emotionally or physically on a smaller or larger scale the postures have remained the same and this has been a great source of comfort. 
    Along the way I have also taken teacher training in Yoga Nidra (Total Yoga Nidra, 2016), Yin Yoga (Norman Blair, 2017) and Yoga Therapy (Ghosh Yoga College in Kolkata, 2019). In February 2023 I qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (
    The greatest lesson for me in recent years is learning to be with what is going on for me any given day, to open up to that awareness in a soft and gentle way in spite of anything that might be challenging in the moment. As a teacher I aim to create a space for students to do the same. Yoga practices, whatever the style, gives us the precious time outside day to day responsibilities to improve our relationship with ourselves. I believe that Bikram Yoga can be that very starting point for self-intimacy…. So, “Feet together nicely, start please….”

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