NatashaBikram & Flow Teacher

    Natasha’s first foray into Bikram Yoga was in 2011 when her mother dragged her to a class. As a typical teenager, she lacked kindness for herself – and Bikram Yoga seemed to be the fix of the day.

    She wanted to train as a teacher once she’d left school, but it just didn’t seem possible; restricted by the cost and the expectations of her getting a ‘proper job’ (what even is that?).

    Fast forward ten years and the perfect opportunity presented itself to train, in the perfect location with the perfect teachers.

    Natasha loves getting people to listen to their bodies and understand the wealth of intelligence they hold. Listen to your body, listen to your breath and everything will be okay.

    As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    Apparently, I wanted to be a lawyer… but I’m not so sure.
    Whats your idea of a perfect day?
    A walk along cliffs followed by a few hours playing in the sea. Back home for some tea, cake and laughter with friends. It doesn’t really matter what I do if I am surrounded by the people who give me joy.
    Describe yourself in 3 words? 
    Sarcastic, empathetic, observant.
    Favourite Food?

    Pasta. No challenge.
    If you could have a Super Power – What would you choose?
    To be able to fly… duh.

    Whats your guiltiest pleasure?
    Salt and vinegar crisps in front of the TV, but let’s be honest- I feel no guilt.
    Best Yoga moment to date – personal or professional?

    I’m going to indulge myself here.

    Firstly, being immersed in my first teacher training in India was the most special five weeks of my life. Being surrounded by the philosophy, practice and people makes me endlessly grateful.

    Secondly, getting my Dad back into Yoga after a couple of decades and seeing how much it changed him physically.



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