Tree tips

bikram-yoga_17-8-2012_147One final posture to go before we hit the floor for our first blissful savasana.
So lets start calming down with our elegant tall trees.  A beautiful pose which, amongst other things, aids posture and increases knee & hip flexibility.
Channeling the words of a famous advert from the 80’s

 (which some of you may remember) ‘I want to be a tree’.

1 – Feet together, move your weight into your left foot, contracting your left quad, pulling up on the knee. The knee lifts automatically as a response to the contraction of the quadricep muscle.
2- Engage your core, pulling your belly button inwards, at the same time pulling up on your pelvic floor muscles.
3 – Lift your right knee up in line with your hip,  and grab your right foot from underneath with your left hand.
4 – Lift your foot up, until the heel is touching your body, sole of the foot facing the ceiling. The goal is to place the heel of the foot, hip height on the left hand side of your body. Where your can place your foot today, will be dependent on your hip and knee flexibility. So go gently, each class, as your hips and knees begin to open, try to challenge yourself with where you can place your foot.  However, for today, place your foot where feels comfortable for you anywhere on the left hand-side from your shin up.
5 – Now gently and carefully lower your right knee down. Push your hips forward and gently push your right knee back. The aim, one day, is to have both knees in one line. The act of pushing your hips forward and gently pushing the right knee back, is opening your hips to one day make this possible.
6 – Keeping your core engaged, your glutes engaged, your shoulders down, stretch your spine up. Look at yourself in the mirror for a point of focus for balance and while you are there check that both hips are in one line,

both shoulders in one line.

bikrammar11_1427 – With the teachers words, not before, not after, bring your right had up to the centre of your chest. Then if you can balance, and your foot does not slip, bring your left hand up and put your hands in prayer. A tip to preventing your foot from slipping, is to focus on pushing your hips forward and your knee back.

8 – Now hold it still, focus one one point for balance, left leg locked, glutes engaged, stomach contracted, spine lifting up to the ceiling, breathing normal.

You are a tree!

9 – Change. Repeat other side.

Tree Pose


Assists in correcting bad posture.
Increases hip and knee flexibility and mobility.
Stretches spine.
Releases abdominal tension.
Relieves lower back pain.
Tightens gluteal muscles.
Good for circulatory problems, arthritis and rheumatism.

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