Trev’s yoga journey
“I feel like a new person.”


WOW, what can I say about BYC.
As a Chiswick resident for many years now, I’ve walked past the studio hundreds of times. I’ve never really thought of myself as a “yogi” but after many years of aches and pains due to collisions with various cars on the road (cycling in London, eh?) and numerous trips to the physiotherapist, I decided to give it a go.  And what a transformation! My right shoulder and elbow pain has virtually disappeared, my neck rotation issue is gone. I’m stronger, healthier, better skin, sleeping well.
I feel like a new person.

Simply, it is AMAZING.  I’ve decided to give a few beginners tips (trust me, I’m still a beginner myself) for anyone who is thinking of joining us on the mats and maybe a bit unsure. This is what I’ve learnt. I hope some of it helps you….

The Heat:  Breathing in and out, with control, through your nose is key. I’d no idea how rubbish I was at breathing until I started at BYC (I thought I was an expert, I’d been doing it for 41 years). Yes you sweat a lot but think of it as detoxification then rejuvenation, as you hydrate later. Remember, heat is healing! The amount of water you consume during class can make all the difference. The temptation is to gulp it down during postures but I found this doesn’t help at all. Your’re still in the room, it’s still the same temperature and now you feel bloated. This really hinders you especially on the floor series. I found that a mouthful of water to rinse the mouth and another straight down does the trick.


Postures:  Give it your all. Listen to the teachers and concentrate on yourself in the mirror. Trust me, nobody in class is perfect. You’ll see students come in and warm up, doing all kinds of twists and turns. They’re just as likely to fall out of a pose or not do it properly. Watch someone to get familiar with the poses and then go for it. If you fall out, slowly get back in. You’re already better and stronger than your last attempt.

Aches and Pains:  Besides the obvious health benefits, Bikram yoga is such a powerful tool for helping with aches and pains and old injuries. Always mention it to the teacher before hand. When going into postures remember to listen to your body. Uncomfortable – Yes, Discomfort – No. Being in the correct position to start is so important. Having that foundation is key to gauging your limit. Use the Slowly/Slowly technique, into the posture slowly- out of the posture slowly. There’s no rush.


Have FUN;  The Teachers are brilliant at lightening the mood in class. Some of the classics are Tim’s “Let me know if it get’s too cold for you Trev” as I lay in a puddle where my towel used to be. Fed’s “I’ve just woke up so anything can happen”. Kat’s “So it’s 27 poses now Trev, is it?” as I dived head-on into a posture that doesn’t exist and Helen’s “Why are so many people posting pictures of their bums on Instagram?”

I also like to pick out song titles for the instructions.
For example… Just Breathe – Pearl Jam
Head Up – Deftones
Hip to be Square – Huey Lewis and the News
Anyhow, you get the idea.
What are you waiting for?
Get on the mat and enjoy!
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