Bikram Yoga, sciatica & sinuses!


I have been suffering with sciatica for the last 2-3 years originally brought about from a football injury. I was also experiencing long term sinus problems which were stopping oxygen going to the brain and bringing about all kinds of other problems, including headaches, dizziness, tiredness etc.

I had tried all kinds of solutions and medications which were unsuccessful and didn’t have any long term affect. I felt very depressed and frustrated and this was having a major affect on every area of my life. I had been very limited in any physical exercise due to the sciatica, which actually seemed to be getting progressivly worse.

I had never been to any type of yoga before. Funnily enough my Mum had been saying for me to go for years but I had never taken any notice. I came to Bikram Yoga Chiswick for the first time just over a year ago and have been coming regularly since. It has had a profound affect on me and my life. I am no longer suffering with my sinus problems and breathing. I believe that the Bikram Yoga classes and the breathing exercises that take place during and throughout class have opened up my sinuses and lungs allowing them to recover.

I am no longer suffering with sciatica like I was when I first came. The classes have helped my sciatic nerve to slowly recover and I have had a lot of support and guidance from the amazing teachers at Bikram Yoga Chiswick in doing that. Overall Bikram Yoga has had a phenomenal affect on me mentally. I have more peace of mind and I’ve developed emotional stability. I feel happy, content, free and physically my body has changed dramatically. I feel light and loose not tight and drained like I did before. I can run, play tennis, I have lots more energy. I even started to kick a football again the other day! Also Bikram yoga has had a spiritual impact on me and my life. I believe Bikram yoga is the nutrient for the mind, body and soul and I am very grateful to have been introduced to this wonderful practice. I would like to say a special thank you to the people who introduced and encouraged me to try Bikram Yoga, and a huge thank you to all the staff and teachers at Bikram Yoga Chiswick for their wonderful help, support and services. My name is Daniel Stanley and I will be continuing to practise Bikram Yoga at the Chiswick Studio. It has been a privilege practising with all of you, Namaste.

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