Challenge…  Is it Heavenly?

BYCer Tim’s Heavenly Challenge experience

Tim's Heavenly Challenge I have been coming to BYC for several years on and off, mostly off to be honest.


Amid traditional indulgences this Christmas, I promised I would squeeze my middle-aged self back into some older, less forgiving trousers by the end of January.


So I decided to head back to BYC but this time more ‘on’ than off.


When the studio reopened after Boxing Day I reappeared full of good intentions for a 30-day challenge with no idea how long those positive plans might last.


My teachers in those first classes back – Laura, Kat, Fed and Rachel – were so welcoming and supportive that any initial commitment doubts subsided and I was into the full swing of it.


I did 30 classes in 32 days and I’ve looked forward to it more with every knackering session.


It’s a commitment because the sessions take 90 minutes, then there’s cool-down and shower time, getting to/from the studio and when I get home I collapse and stare into space.


But it’s been worth it. I am sleeping better, I find it easier to eat healthily, and (when I’m not exhausted in the immediate aftermath of a class) I have more energy and walk taller.
I have indeed pulled out old clothes from deep storage, having lost 4.5kg in those 32 days.


While my conversion to dedicated BYC practice has been slow, I’m now signing up for a year and I’ve just bought my own mat with matching bag to enhance my yogi street cred.
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