Totally Fabulous at 50!

When Emma walked into BYC wearing this AMAZING vest, we asked her to write a few words about what inspired it…

Emma: Fabulous at Fifty – Thanks BYC!
My family have always been sporty, and I have followed a lot of A type exercise – running, spinning, dancing and cycling. In 2010, a friend of mine who went on to complete some mega cycling challenges, asked me to come along to a Bikram Yoga class – I reckoned it was going to be a doddle with a lot of middle aged Bendy Wendy’s – obviously I didn’t read the memo! Actually I did pretty well in my first class, it was doing the 2nd to the next 100th that was tougher.


I have been practising for 5 years now, turned 50 in December, and
am proud to be that middle aged BW myself. Bikram Yoga has significantly increased my aerobic stamina, my runs are longer and faster. My mind is calmer, which is useful for juggling family and career, and gives Mr Pace an easier life. In class, I use the practice time to concentrate on my breath and repeat my inner mantra ‘lucky, healthy, happy, wealthy’ – interspersed with thoughts like ‘come on Andy or Rachel, few more fun quips please!’, or ‘neighbour, careful where you put your butt’…
It is lovely to come into BYC with familiar faces and supportive teachers. But best of all it is great to be in good health, and I can see that proactively practising Bikram Yoga
has made a significant impact to me at this turning point – thus the t-shirt was born
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