Jat: One Sweaty Year! 

BYCer Jat shares what his 1st year at BYC has meant to him:

Jat in Bow

I recently completed my first birthday as a student of the hot art of Bikram yoga and I’m glad to have celebrated it at the one and only BYC studio!

In that time I have managed to complete a total of 264 hours practice and I live to tell the tale, well, in fact, I feel more alive than ever. 264 hours… that’s like 11 whole days and 11 whole nights of backbends, profuse sweating, half-conscious savasanas and all that other good Bikram stuff. I would honestly much rather spend such quality time in the studio than say 98 days of the year in front of the TV or a day and a half’s worth of listening to my mum talk about people I don’t even know! (sorry mum).

I have already learnt so much at BYC and it’s all far too numerous to list but here are some choice ones.

  • We are far too quick to say that we cannot change for whatever reason but Bikram yoga shows us that the body and mind can be revitalised and made stronger than ever before and we can change our bodies and minds in whatever way we choose.
  • Bikram yoga is addictive! I have this theory that they put some sort of magic dust in the vents that keeps you coming back for more, but joking aside it’s really to do with the overall amazing offering of the BYC experience and also the lifestyle that yoga gives us (but seriously I still have my suspicions about the magic dust).
  • The teachers (bless them) say some really bizarre and occasionally thought provoking things, my personal favourite being “to feel weird is normal because to be normal you have to be weird”. That really works for me!

So dear fellow BYC’ers, please raise your coconut waters and join me in a toast to the next 365 days! Chaars!

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