Bikram Yoga, Injury & Me
Elizabeth Bikram Yoga Teacher

Woke up one morning with a spring in my step … In fact it was too much of a spring in my step !!

As I set off for my usual slog of a run in Dubai’s blazing 40 deg heat , I managed to trip over an uneven pavement and land in a ditch (Dubai is known for its constant construction). It doesn’t help that I am rather a maladroit anyway .
I completely tore my Rotator Cuff and couldn’t raise my arm at all .
After MRI etc … Surgery and rest was ordered . REST ?!! … Are you kidding ?!!
So, I diligently struggled through yoga looking like a complete beginner (no offence beginners!!)
I could only raise my arm with assistance from my good arm but if I let go it just fell … Had no control

Anyway .. After 1 month I was able to raise my arm almost to shoulder level without any assistance.

After 2 months I could twist my arms like ropes for EAGLE POSE

After 3 months I could grab a cup and drink (basic, I know) and start reaching out for small objects.

I always swore by the yoga before, but now it’s made me believe in it even more and shown me how amazing the body is when you try to change it .

I may not be healed, but the yoga has helped me with day to day activities .

Yay !!
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